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    Hayy, cougar comin in! I'm pretty into Zelda and this community seems really fun! I hope to be a regular member around here.
    A little about me:
    -I'm a fan of community (obvious lol)
    -My favourite Zelda game is Skyward Sword
    -My favourite Zelda character is Fii
    -My favourite Zelda Boss is Stallord
    -My favourite video game in general is probably Grim Fandango
    -I'm an artist and a fan of anime and manga.
    -My favourite manga is probably JJBA part 7!
    -My favourite character from said manga is probably Gyro.
    -My favourite anime is Gurren Lagann.
    -My favourite character from said anime is Kamina.
    All that out of the way, Hello to all, and i hope we become good friends.
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    Welcome abord.
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