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    So, obviously Nintendo announced a BotW sequel at E3 just yesterday actually. And I'm wondering what everyone thinks. We can discuss it, maybe get some conversation rolling here again, and also make an analysis.
    First off, if you haven't seen the teaser here's a link to Nintendo's official upload:

    So, I think it's clear this is a sequel, as the title and announcement period would suggest. I also think we can all agree the events of the trailer are likely the introduction... maybe. Link IS riding an elephant-like creature in the first scene. And I also believe we can all agree that the decaying corpse in these ruins are Ganondorf, not only alluded to because of the shadows when it lights up, but also the carvings on the wall depicting a man with a trident on horseback, as well as his red hair and Gerudo jewelry and clothing. Personally the green floaty essence stuff appears to look like it's a form of language... maybe the Twilight Princess version, or some form of the Gerudo language? It doesn't appear to be Hylian... I could easily be wrong. Link also seems to lose his arm here and maybe obtain some sort of magic hand, it kinds tears his own arm to shreds in the process(?) We can't be sure yet but it would be an interesting mechanic to have magic and pseudoscience/magic mechanics in this game. ALSO his hood is down, which is nice, since to my knowledge we couldn't do that in BOTW, and I also noticed he has a leather chestpiece, one akin to his Hylian Tunic's, he never wore that over his Champion Tunic. I am extremely excited. It also appears like his undershirt might be darker (it was tan before), as well as new leather bracers/gauntlets? He seems battle ready. I hope having the ability to wear your hood up and down, like a toggle function, as well as customizing the armor on your clothing, as well as the clothing itself would be a great addition to the game.

    Also, kinda just senseless conjecture or whatever, but I watched Gamexplain's video analysis and it sounded like one of them said death instead of breath. So for now, I think it would be a corny, yet charming, MAYBE even endearing name, to call this Death of the Wild. Idk. That's my headcanon title/projectname/wish for now. Of course we could just call it BotW2 But that's boring. The game seems objectively darker than it's predecessor. It's like Majora's Mask.

    Oh and also real dungeons might make a comeback. We can hope.
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    I wonder if this trailer confirms that BOTW takes place in the Child era due to how the hand is positioned in Ganondorf's chest where he was pierced by Link in Twilight Princess.
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    Not excited for either Luigi's Mansion 3 or Animal Crossing: New Horizons? Or even the DLC?
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    I'm excited for quite a few titles. But Zelda is the number one of all time for me no matter what, personally
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