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    Hello,it's been a while.You may remember me as pokemonmster2004(my name since then has changed).I was banned a long time ago(somewhere from 5ish years ago) for a tp kill and I am not denying I did such a thing,as I mildly remember the incident.I am here to appeal from that ban.I have waited a long time to show that as a person I have matured and grown from the 12-13 year old screech child I was to the 17 year old near man I am today.I request a final chance to prove myself and that I am a responsable and not troll lord individual.I may not be tying this correctly as I havent been on this site since the ban,but I at least hope this is seen and taken in consideration.

    Thank you for your time.
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  2. pokemonmster2004

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    And then looking at this again my dumbass put 5-7 years...why do I do this to myself.Fixed it now.
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    Just to note it here, I went ahead and unbanned you. Welcome back! o/

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