Ban Appeal for my friend, TGtheBuilder.

Discussion in 'ZeldaCraft Reports & Ban Appeals' started by Trappex, Sep 7, 2019.

  1. Trappex

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    My friend, TGtheBuilder was playing with me and helping me with my base. We were building earlier today when another friend whose IGN is puggy derp wanted to play with us. I said sure and so did my other friend. as soon as he joined the call it was apparent to me that he did not care too much for the server nor what me and TG had been doing. We were playing when puggy came to my base and started to place pieces of a map on one of my walls. I asked if he had already made those maps because there were about six of them and he had only been on the server for a short amount of time. He said yes, of course and then continued playing with us. I know for a fact that TG was not helping puggy steal the maps because he was next to me almost the whole time helping me get some building done. The only time TG came in contact with the maps is when he wanted to move them (Still thinking puggy made them) to a different location that would look better. TG broke the maps and kept them in his inventory not thinking anything about things such as how did puggy make those maps so fast.

    The reason I, Trappex, am making a ban appeal for my friend is because he is unable to make a fourms account at the moment (is email is messed up). So yeah, my friend puggy basically framed my friend for greifing. Part of the reason I didn't trust puggy about the whole map thing is because I know that there is a big world map not too far from spawn, so I figured him stealing those maps would be the only way he could get them so quickly.

    I hope this clears up my friends name.
  2. Trappex

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    Tg says the only thing that could have related him to any greifing would have been the who map deal, if this is not the reason he was banned, sorry. Just trying to help a guy out
  3. Trappex

    Trappex Deku Scrub

    Also, just thought I'd add that we know that puggy did greif the map bc he had a 'talk' with one of the mods in chat. it wasn't very long.

    If extra evidence is needed, I can show my dms with puggy that go back to when it happened. it shows what happened pretty well id say
  4. nasfi

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    The grief isn't related to puggy. TG wasn't tempbanned for what he did with maps, but rather for stealing valuable items (ores) out of a chest that is not his. Thought the ban reason saying "stealing valuables from someone's chest" was pretty self explanatory
  5. Ichikuro

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    Not to add to this, as it’s already resolved, but it’s also a shorter tempban. He can wait it out for taking diamonds etc from other players.
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