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  1. ___L3g3nd___

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    About 3 years ago, I was a very active player. I would socialize, and pvp at the skyloft spawn. A survival reset was coming up and I thought it would be fine to make a lavacast. So I did. Its been a long time since I've been on the server and right as I got banned, I instantly regretted it. I have changed and I think I should be unbanned. It's been 3 years. Please
  2. brassow2007

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    I would give it a yes, though I’d have to leave this one to staff that may be more familiar with what you did. Although my yes would probably have conditions, like a stricter rule policy, but I think you can be forgiven, because I’m one to not really care about what you did in your past, so long as you can prove to have changed it in your future. ;)
  3. nasfi

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    While it wasn't because of a reset, because a reset was announced months after your ban, I'm gonna say yes
  4. greenleeuw

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    majority of the staff said yes. you are unbanned now,

    hope you learned some kind of lesson from this and we will be glad to see you return
    -staff team

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