Server Rules

Players must agree to the rules when playing on ZeldaCraft

The Rules of Zeldacraft

  • No Griefing. This includes chest raiding/crops/animal killing. Even chests without private signs on may belong to someone.
  • If you need to claim your property, right click a storage container, or a door with a sign to lock the item.
  • Try not to build close to other peoples property without permission either. We like everyone to have their space.
  • We ask you keep the server map relatively "tidy". For example, you shouldn't leave acres of floating trees or gigantic columns of blocks, dirt or otherwise.

  • Usage of 'hacked' clients or mods to gain unfair advantages (such as flying or a speed boost) is strictly forbidden. Using them is subject to a ban.
  • Mods/clients that do not affect gameplay and are cosmetic only are allowed. Examples include using a custom texture pack, or OptiFine.
  • Do not abuse bugs or exploits. Report them to a Moderator or Admin. You may even be rewarded for your honesty.

  • Be respectful. It's okay to swear, in moderation, but trolling/bullying is discouraged. Doing so may result in jail time, mute, or a possible ban. Racial slurs are extremely discouraged.>
  • No teleport killing, or trapping other players. That is pretty self-explanatory. It also falls into not bullying other players.
  • No Advertising. This goes for other Minecraft servers, harmful websites, or Discord servers.
  • Do not impersonate staff. You can and will be punished harshly for this.
  • Do not beg staff for items or game mode sets.

  • Use common sense! If you are unsure about something, ask a staff member. If you think something you are about to do is bad, then you probably don't want to do it.
  • You should respect the decisions of admins and moderators. However, if you feel an admin or moderator is abusing their power please contact the server owner (Mark), preferably with evidence such as screenshots, and he will investigate.
  • Most of all, have fun, and enjoy the server!

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