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    Deku Scrub

    Post your first message on the forum!

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    Hylian Citizen

    You have now posted 30 messages on the forum, nice job!

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    Hylian Knight

    For having posted 100 messages, you receive the Hylian Knight trophy!

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    Super Like Like

    Your messages have been liked 25 times!

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    Uber Like Like

    You have been liked 100 times!

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    King of Hyrule

    For having posted 500 messages, you receive the King of Hyrule award!

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    Godly Like Like

    You have gotten 250 likes!

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    Trophy of Great Wisdom

    You have accumulated 1,250 posts! Awesome.

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    Trophy of Great Power

    You now have 1,500 posts. Amazing!

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    Trophy of Great Courage

    You are truly a hero of and ZeldaCraft, having posted 1750 messages!

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    Beyond Reality Like Like

    You have accumulated 500 likes! You rock!

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    Triforce Trophy

    For posting 650 messages, you receive the illustrious Triforce Trophy.

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    Gods of Hyrule Trophy

    Awarded for posting 800 messages!

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    The Hero of Time

    You have become the Hero of Time, after posting 1,000 messages!

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    Master Swordsman

    You have posted 2,000 messages - you are as incredible as a master swordsman.

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    Disciple of Light

    You have posted 2,500 messages! Truly, you are a disciple of the light.

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    Master of Light

    You have posted 3,000 messages! You are surely a master of all that is good and a true hero.