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  1. emma101213
    gay and ready 2 play
  2. virgil
    virgil Minichen
    rip mini
  3. EmberDarkwood
    Good to know I still haven't lost the ability to fuck anything up. Just ask about the endermite named Nugget
  4. EmberDarkwood
    EmberDarkwood CommanderStatic
    Cave Johnson here. Just wanted to let you know that, after decades of research and testing, we have finally transformed into beings of pure light. Go team. Not exactly what we were after, of course, but in the ballpark. So let's keep testing, and maybe someday we'll achieve man's ultimate dream: to evolve into pillars of pure salt. Can't wait. So salty.
  5. EmberDarkwood
  6. EdRGB
    Feel free to talk to me.
  7. mrwobblers
    mrwobblers Coolio723
    Jajajaja modmod black concrete
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  8. Mac
    I finally found something more unstable than my mental state. My fucking access to the fucking server.
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  9. SuSAliens
    i wood like to be a mod to help others that have been greefed or mistreated
  10. SuSAliens
    Sometimes I wonder what is going on in someone's head.
  11. SuSAliens
    SuSAliens vayanui8
    Please come back. We need you. I need you.
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  12. Tenshi
    Cant believe my dumbass forgot my name here was just "Tenshi" and got locked out of my own account for 4 hours.
  13. ItsLinkCraft
  14. emma101213
    what up bitches
  15. ItsLinkCraft
    ItsLinkCraft nasfi
    is this the gameing chat?
    1. nasfi
      well, that's my profile
      Aug 25, 2019
  16. ItsLinkCraft
  17. Zelda_Gamer456
    This really be a bruh moment
  18. nasfi
    The main server is available only to SVIP and above who are helping us test. Very soon the server will open to the public again!
  19. nasfi
    We've opened a small temp map for people to play while the main server is offline. Log in over at to play!
  20. nasfi
    For live updates on the situation, please look on the discord channel called #news-and-events